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Packed Moving Boxes

About Us

We provide Amazon FBA Prep, Forwarding, and Storage Services to clients selling products on Amazon or through the eCommerce market. Our area of focus is helping Amazon companies grow by handling the fulfillment side of the business. We have been doing FBA and merchant fulfillment for a while, and are familiar with Amazon’s guidelines and policies. With many years of e-commerce experience on Ebay, Walmart, and Amazon we understand the hassle that prepping and shipping can be.  We set out to help sellers to get more time back in their day by taking the stress out of prepping and shipping items to Amazon FBA.  Grow your business by spending more time on what makes you money, purchasing, and expansion. Let us deal with the shipping hassles. We love nothing more than hearing from our customers about how much more time they have been able to spend sourcing items to grow their business or creating memories with their families.  We hope that we can help you too!


Our Warehouse

Our warehouse 42,000 sqft is located an hour south of CLT2. We have a team of 40 professionals to help prep, pack, and ship to ensure your products are handled with the best care and efficiency. We want you to have peace of mind and focus on what makes your business grow.

Unmatched Technology

Upstate Prep continually strives to make improvements to deliver the best customer experience. Our goal is to have higher quality and speed when prepping products. We utilize specialized machinery and quality systems in order to make sure your products are handled with care.

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